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I guide you from feeling stuck, stressed and with lack of direction to feeling aware and motivated as you learn practical yoga ON and OFF the mat tools how to let go of patterns that are not serving, make decisions confidently and find more clarity about your purpose in this life!


I was just recently where you are today!

You don't have to be flexible to start yoga! The only thing you need to start yoga or join the yoga teacher training is your willingness to commit and do the work. When I took the leap of fate and listened to my intuition, everything changed. I quit my job as an actress and decided to commit to helping others to find their purpose and peace with their mental health!

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Marilyn is an amazing facilitator. She gives a lot of love in her classes and teaches with an amazing vibe.

Liliana Mejía

Ayman Allam

Wonderful vibes. Marilyn is amazing.

Wonderful vibes. Marilyn is amazing.

Ayman Allam

Marilyn supports and guides students according to their abilities and readiness. Wonderful studio and teacher!

Helen Adamson

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Apr 02, 2022

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Apr 04, 2022

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Apr 06, 2022

Osta raamat "Mul hakkasid päevad" #eionei

"Mul Hakkasid Päevad"

See on väljamõeldud lugu, mis on inspireeritud noorte pärisjuhtumitest, et kõnetada noori teemadel, millest vahel võib olla keeruline oma vanemate või eakaaslastega rääkida. Eesmärgiga öelda noortele: "Sa ei ole üksi" ja küsida vanematelt: "Kas sa mäletad?", tahab raamat kutsuda noori ja mitte enam nii noori omavahel ausalt kõnelema teemadel nagu seksuaalne ärakasutamine, esimene armastus, narkootikumid, kiusamine, depressioon, söömishäired, suhted vanematega, lein ja muud. Raamat ei ole soovitatav alla 14-aastastele.

Arvustus: Eiva’s Little World
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Platvorm noortele (ja mitte nii noortele), kes on kogenud seksuaalset ärakasutamist, vaimset ja füüsilist vägivalda. Jaga oma lugu ja kirjuta mulle või saada sõnum Instagrammis: @hastag_eionei

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